DIY Solar Powered Lamp

DIY Solar Powered Lamp



In this video I make a solar powered garden lamp from a regular mains powered lamp. The E27 socket is removed and a 1W LED is installed instead. 

The circuit is analog and uses op-amps and transistors to control the charging of the battery, when to turn on the lights and when to cut out due to under charge on the lithium ion battery.

Check out the video above for more information.

In the video I design and test the circuit. You can find links to the PCB and schematic files below. 


Remember to add the 3 jumper links marked in gray on the PCB overlay. 

The Converter I used is not optimal, try to get one that has constant current as well :)



R1 22K
R2 1K
R3 22K
R4 22K
R5 9.8K
R6 820R
R7 820R
R8 500K to 6.8M ()
R9 22K
R10 22K
R11 22K
R12 11.5K 
R13 100K 
C1 220nF
C2 220nF
C4 220nF
Q1 2N3904 (or similar)
Q2 BC328 (or similar)
Q3 2N3904 (or similar)
Q5 BC338 (or similar)
U1 LM324 Op-amp
U2 MCP1501-12
D1 1N4007 (Any ~0.6Vf diode should be ok)
J2 LDR (Light Dependend Resistor)
J4 2x 6.3V Solar panels in parallel (I used 60*110mm from Ebay)
J1 18650 Lithium ion battery
J5 Switch mode converter + 1W LED (From Ebay "LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter" - CONSTANT CURRENT IS RECOMMENDED)