World's Brightest LED Flashlight (1800W / 162.000 Lumen)




In this video I show off my most insane project to date, a crazy 1.8 kilo watts of LEDs mounted on a single handheld torch!
The device puts out 162,000 Lumens worth of light and can light up EVERYTHING in your field of vision.


The main components are the 18x 100W Cool White LEDs, which are wired up 2 and 2 in series. This cuts the current draw in half compared to wiring them all up in parallel. The current is STILL a whopping 27 Amps, so it has been split up between 4 power supplies; allowing for thinner wires to be used, but also as a safety measure. If one converter fails, the connected LEDs simply lose power, instead of loading down the other converters, whish potentially could lead to those failing as well.


The converters (Power supplies) are switch mode boost converters, which takes an input voltage of 10-60V (in this case 44.4V) and boosts it up to the 64V needed for the LEDs (2x 32V in series). They are rated for 10 A each. One converter powers 3 sets of 2 LEDs, which draws 9A and the other three converters are powering 2 sets, drawing 6A.


The power is delivered from 12 cells (44.4V nominal) of Lipo batteries at 5.2 Ah each. Giving a total energy of 230 Wh. The current draw from the batteries can be calculated, as follows: ( 27A * (64/44.4) ) / 0.9 = 43.24A
 27 A for the LEDs multiplied with the ratio between the input and output voltage and the whole thing divided by the efficiency of the converter, which equals 43.24A.
The current varies, as the battery voltage starts out at 50.4V and drops all the way down to 40V.
The batteries are rated for a continuous output of 52A, which is not excited.


The Original Footage:



Parts List (My Total: USD $195):


18x 100W Cool Whith LEDs
4x DC-DC 600W 10-60V to 12-80V Boost Converter
12x Lens + Reflector for 44mm LED
2x Battery Connectors XT60 (Depends on your battery!)
4x 20A Switch
1x Tube of Thermal Compound



2x 6 Cell (22.2V) 5200 mAh Lipo battery
2x 6 Cell Battery Voltage Alarm



Wire, rated for 12A
Wire, rated for 3A
72x M3x10 Screws for the LEDs
Other screws of your choice, for the assembly.
Aluminium Heatsink(s) W33 x H15.5 x D8.5 cm
Aluminium for construction.


Don't forget a battery charger :)


Tools: Drills, taps, screwdrivers, soldering iron, side cutters, etc.
I used a milling machine, but a drill press could do, or even a hand drill!


Building The Flashlight: