DIY PCB Manufacturing

DIY PCB Manufacturing


How do you make your own high quality (Single or Double Sided) PCB's at home !?

Complete with solder mask and silk screen! (PCB for UV-Panel below).







The first video in a small series, showing different PCB etchants is now available on YouTube:


PCB Etching With HCl + H2O2. (First Test)

This will be replaced once the series is complete, by a more detailed video (Tutorial)




8 cm by 8 cm UV-LED Panel:  /uv-8x8cm.pdf


600 UV-LED Panel (21 cm by 30 cm): /600LEDuv-1.pdf - /600LEDuv-2.pdf - /600LEDuv-3.pdf
(NOTE: The footprints are back to front on board 3, sorry)